Passionate About  Protecting Communities

Passionate About Protecting Communities

At Brother’s Fire Equipment Services of Louisiana, our love for what we do runs deep. Our passion for firefighting and safeguarding our community is evident in our meticulous approach to testing fire equipment. This allows us to extend our support to fellow firefighters across the state. Keep reading to learn more about Brother’s Fire Equipment Services of Louisiana.

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Commitment to Excellence

Understanding the pivotal role of functioning fire equipment, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. As active members of both career and volunteer departments, we've experienced firsthand the importance of reliable gear. We know that our services make a difference.

Our Assurance to You

We are committed to delivering reliable, exceptional service, irrespective of your department's size or budget. We promise to handle your equipment with the same care and respect we give to our own.

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Service Tailored to Your Needs

Self-service often leads to lapses in service continuity. Trust our expertise and experience instead. We offer flexible scheduling options to suit your needs, freeing up your firefighters for their crucial role – protecting the community. We specialize in hose testing, on-site pump testing, ground ladder testing, hydrant flow testing, hydrant inspections, hydrant painting, and pre-fire planning.