What  We Offer

What We Offer

At Brother’s Fire Equipment Services of Louisiana, we offer a wide range of services, from hose testing to pre-fire planning and more.

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Hose Testing

At Brother’s Fire Equipment Services of Louisiana, we conduct thorough hose testing according to the exacting standards set by NFPA and PIAL. Our process involves removing the hose from the apparatus, conducting meticulous testing, and then meticulously reloading it according to your department's specific requirements.

On-Site Apparatus Pump Testing

Ensuring your apparatus meets NFPA standards is critical. Brother’s Fire Equipment Services of Louisiana offers comprehensive on-site testing using pristine, fresh water. Our rigorous evaluations guarantee that your equipment is ready for action when it counts.

A fire truck with many different types of equipment on it.
A before and after picture of a fire hydrant.

Hydrant Evaluation and Enhancement

Brother’s Fire Equipment Services of Louisiana provides comprehensive hydrant flow tests and inspections. To maintain compliance, hydrants must undergo testing every five years, with annual inspections in between to optimize PIAL scoring. Additionally, we offer expert hydrant painting and color coding services to match each hydrant's designated flow rate.

Ground Ladder Assessment and Maintenance

All ground ladders are put through stringent testing in accordance with NFPA standards. In addition to testing, we inspect for any damage or expiration of heat sensors, ensuring they are ready for use in critical situations.

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Tailored Pre-Fire Planning

Rely on Brother’s Fire Equipment Services of Louisiana to conduct thorough pre-fire planning for your district. We furnish you with vital information, including keyholders, building construction details, recommended fire flows, and other essential data to help keep your firefighters safe and prepared.

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